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If Dr. Kurzweil tells you that you have periodontal disease, it means that the tissues surrounding your teeth have become infected and inflamed. Call our office to get quality treatment for periodontal disease in the Bellerose, Floral Park, Glen Oaks, and Bayside, New York areas.

Periodontics Q & A

What causes periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of bacteria in your mouth. This buildup is called plaque, and usually, frequent brushing and flossing gets rid of it. However, when you are not following good dental hygiene the plaque hardens and becomes more resistant.

Plaque and tartar on the teeth can lead to gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. Fortunately, gingivitis can be reversed by seeing your dentist regularly and also maintaining a good oral health routine at home, including brushing and flossing. However, when gingivitis is left untreated, it may advance into periodontitis. In this disease, the gums start to fall away from the teeth and form pockets of infection. The disease must be treated at this stage in order to avoid total loss of the teeth.

What are the non-surgical and surgical options for periodontal disease treatment?

Once Dr. Kurzweil identifies that you have gum disease, his primary goal will be to stop the advancement of the infection. Treatment will generally depend on the severity and extent of the infection.

Common non-surgical treatments for periodontal disease may include scaling and root planing and the administration of antibiotic medications. Scaling and root planing is a method of deep cleaning the teeth by your dentist to remove plaque and tartar along the gum line and in tough spots where bacteria tends to accumulate.

Surgical treatments for periodontal disease typically include either flap surgery or bone and tissue grafts. Flap surgery consists of removing the tartar that has collected in the gum pockets. Your dentist will lift the gums and clean away the tartar buildup. Then, the gums are stitched back into place to prevent further buildup. Bone and tissue grafts involve the surgical installation of natural or synthetic bone or gum tissue to regenerate in areas where significant damage has occurred.

Each case of periodontal diseases is different. Talk to your dentist to determine which treatment may be best for you.

How can I prevent periodontal disease?

You can minimize your chances of getting any periodontal disease by following a strict dental hygiene routine that includes regular brushing and flossing. It may also help to eat a healthy, balanced diet, stop smoking, manage stress, and reduce grinding and clenching teeth.

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